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Photonic Gallery & Lightbox for Flickr, SmugMug, Google Photos, Zenfolio and Instagram

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Anything that combines “Gutenberg and Flickr” on the same title, I have to try it!

A Widget?

First of all, the block is inside “Widgets”… ehrm, not too sure what it is doing there, but ok!:

Setting it up

Let’s see what it looks like with a Flickr album…

Nope! I get a lightbox that asks me to head to a settings page… but why bother giving me a link? I will just go find it for myself. There is an action in WordPress for this, I would rather get this message upon activating the plugin. But hey, its Flickr we are talking here, let’s check it out!:

Wow, that is bunch of settings we have there!

Creating the gallery

Ok, I have added my keys and set up my preferences, let’s see what I get now:

I like that I can choose from a lot of possible sources.

I can also choose the specific permissions within a give album. Also nice.

Settings, settings, settings. Nice.

A Bunch of layouts, also nice.

The punchline

Here comes the really funny part:

The following is the corresponding shortcode for this block. If for some reason you are unable to create a Photonic block you can paste this into a Shortcode block:
[gallery type='flickr' view='photosets' photoset_id='72157697031757042' user_id='21582421@N08' layout='random']

So… not a Gutenberg Plugin after all, but nice try, though!


The end result

This may not be a very user friendly plugin (and surely not a Gutenberg block by any standards) but I have to say that once you get over the set up, the plugin has lots of options.

I would like to stress-test it, but I will say it works reasonably well.

Update: I tried to update the settings for the “block” but it will not actually update the shortcode, so I copied a new version inside an actual “shortcode” block underneath.

This is showing my 5 most recent images tagged as “fav”. I actually had to guess that there is a parameter to limit the number of photos: count=’5′, otherwise the shortcode will show ALL my images with that tag (hundreds, in this case).

[gallery type='flickr' view='photos' user_id='21582421@N08' tags='fav' tag_mode='any' privacy_filter='1' title_position='hover-slideup-show' layout='mosaic' count='5']

Meow Gallery: The layout mosaic is not available in this version.

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