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Gosign – Logo Slider Block

This is very a lightweight and straightforward plugin to display an image carousel, typically used for client logos. I have other block reviews specifically for Post Sliders (post loops), and for large single image containers (“Hero” sliders).

I can think of quite a few other applications, such as adding links to single posts/products, since it allows for custom links.

Custom links on images: They are always nice to have, and also always hard to build an elegant interface for.

The plugins includes basic settings to control the layout of the block (number of items per slide) as well as it’s appearance (dots, arrows) and autplay/delay and if it should loop back to the beginning (“infinite”).

The block can be seen in action here:

One thing I do miss on this block is the possibility of setting to “wide” and “full width” modes.

I reallly like Gosign’s simple approach to block building and the fact that they create individual blocks that can be used as standalone plugins. This helps keeping the Block inserter clean and the JavaScript at minimum. Here are some of their blocks I plan to review next:

Single Blocks

Ben’s (Image) Slider for Gutenberg

This plugin create a “Carousel Holder” which allows any block type inside each of its slides only images followed by paragraphs.

If you need a slider container that allows to add any type of block inside I would recommend the Carousel Block instead.