Animating Gutenberg Blocks: Two Approaches

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Adding a little motion to your content can work miracles by literally making it “pop-out”. As with other functionalities there are several plugins that will allow you to add CSS animations using shortcodes, but they can be a little clunky to use. Seeing this feature translated into Gutenberg blocks is really interesting.

I have found several plugins that help animate blocks, and noticed they use two main approaches: The Container and the Extra Settings Panel.

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Advanced Gutenberg

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This one’s a bit confusing, as there is already another plugin called Advanced Gutenberg Blocks.

This plugin offers a balanced list of blocks, including some not too common, such as the “Advanced list” and the “Summary” blocks.

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Ghost Kit – Gutenberg Blocks and Templates Collection

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This is one of may favourite block collections because it offers block management and extra display/spacing/animation settings.

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Carousel Block

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This block works similarly to Ben’s Slider for Gutenberg but has more settings/options as it uses columns and horizontal scroll, making it a lot more detailed, flexible and intuitive to use:

This is what it looks like in the editor:

I also noticed the block throws a generic error when trying to add image or gallery blocks:

I had to disable it due to the aforementioned issue of breaking image blocks (not just within it, but everywhere) but I like the approach and the simple, yet flexible and intuitieve design. I will keep an eye for future versions of this block.

Update: The block is working again:

I revisited this post and it seems to be working now, here is what it looks like with some images

And here with some text and images:

Simple Shortcode Block

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This simple plugin will allow you to preview the content of your shortcode in the backend

What does it look like in the backend?

This is what it looks like in the backend

What happens if you remove the plugin?

The block will disappear from the frontend and you will get this message in the backend. It would be nice if it could fallback to the default “Shortcode” block.

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