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A more advanced approach to sliding things.

This is an interesting and more advanced alternative to the Carousel Slider Block I already reviewed here. If you want a simpler and more generic Carousel container I would go with the plugin I mentioned before. For more image-oriented carousels this block offers some interesting new features.

Intro Video

Here is an intro video created by the plugin author:

Getting Started

The block starts offering users to add an image to be used as the background, which does not apply to all user cases and can in fact be a little confusing.

The main container has vertical alignment out of the bat, which makes it easy to discover and to use:

Once you insert the first images you will see this notice. This is a reasonable approach but different from the Carousel Slider Block does, which is offer a horizontal scroll handle to move from one slide to the next one.

I think both options have merit, and being able to preview the carousel clicking on the “eye” icon also helps, but I personally prefer the scrolling option, as it feels closer to the end result using a simpler approach.

The settings

The plugin offers some unique settings for fix content, and animation vs fade, as well as percentage based height and padding, but it does not offer the option to show several slides at the same time, and I doubt that this could be achieve using columns or layout block.

On thing I particularly like is that the entire slide can be made clickable, but this option can be easy to miss as you need to be in the “edit” mode of the plugin for the setting to be shown:

The block also offers an interesting full screen option that can be used to set the background of the entire page/post.

The Block in action


I am the first slide


Soy la segunda slide!


Je suis la troisième diapositive

Pro version features

  • Videos backgrounds
  • Transition time
  • Time of a slide
  • Color overlays of slides
  • Arrow color
  • Arrow style
  • Dots color
  • Dots style
  • Responsive Spacing Controls

Some of these, like video backgrounds or responsive settings, can be achieved using the Carousel Slider Block, which is free.


If you are looking for a “classic” carousel this one will probably be easier and more straight forward to use, but if you just want a more flexible slider container I would still recommend checking my review of the Carousel Slider Block.

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Thank you for letting me know. I do re-review plugins regularly, I will check the latest version, thank you! Any new feature in particular I should look at?

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