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Editors Kit

A plugin the extends and tweaks Gutenberg’s functionalities, bringing it to a new level while staying true to its original spirit.

This plugin extends and tweaks Gutenberg’s functionalities, bringing it to a new level while staying true to its original spirit.

I came across this plugins while writing my Inline Text Editing Comparison post and it instantly became one of my favorite plugins.

Below is the full list of features provided by the plugin’s author. More on their website, here:

  • Links with “rel” nofollow and sponsored attribute option
  • Highlighted Text or Heading Colors
  • Highlighted Text Background Color
  • Clear Formatting Options
  • Paragraph Justify Alignment
  • Underline Text Format
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Uppercase Text Transform
  • Images and Embeds Caption Alignment
  • Nonbreaking Space
  • Support for Markdown
  • Text alignment for captions (images & embeds)
  • Adding “no-rel” to links
  • Mobile based and user log-in based block visibility
  • ACF integration.

Inline text styles

The plugin adds inline font color and font background color. I love how the default colors offered to the user are the ones defined in the theme.

Under the “extra block options” we can find the following extra options:

  • Justify (we all know this is a bad idea but users ask for it)
  • Nonbreaking space
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Uppercase text transform
  • Clear Formatting (always handy, not all inline extensions include this)

Visibility settings

This plugin offers more visibility options than any of the plugins I have reviewed so far:

Mobile visibility settings

Mobile settings for visibility are the most basic ones, these can be found on many plugins.

Role based visibility

The plugin includes the option to hide a give block for non-logged in user.

If you need a more advanced control of content visibility (based on specific user roles, and with fallback content) I would recommend checking out my review on Matt Watson’s Secure Blocks plugin. This plugin was removed from the repo, leaving Editor’s Kit as the only current option to control block visibility based on roles and permissions.

This panel also includes height control (for images).

The complete visibility settings panel can also be reached through the “extra” block options.

Conditional Tags

These extra visibility settings include a very interesting and unique option to add php conditional tags.

Advanced Custom Fields Integration

The plugins also offers visibility control based on post meta added via Advanced Custom Fields.

If ACF is installed and there are fields assigned to the current post type, the visibility modal window will add this option:

The number of options that the value of the AFC field can be checked against are impressive.

I will say that the integration of post meta via ACF and the usage of Conditional tags opens a huge range of new possibilities when creating custom themes that rely on complex data models.

Extra block options

Extra block options, including export, clear formatting, copy and export.

There is also an option to set the featured image from a block image, with I think is brilliant, although I would probably place the button on a more visible place.

Link attribute settings can be added from the drop-down option.

Suggesting CSS classes

It also adds a feature to autocomplete/suggest CSS classes.

Tools & Options

The plugin offers a number of extra settings that can be enabled under the “More Tools & Options” menu.

Markdown support

Editors Kit allows us to use markdown on any text block. A markdown guide can be found under “More Tools & Options”.

Block Guide Lines

There have been some iterations on this on the core version of Gutenberg. I personally like these borders, but this will change from user to user.

Disabling Auto Save

Add option to disable auto saving in order to prevent lagging, excessive data usage or being blacklisted on your web hosting provider.

Hide Post/Page Title

This one is also simple, yet brilliant. The plug in adds a setting to hide the page/post’s title in the document settings.

Export & Import

Individual blocks can be exported as JSON using the block’s “more options” menu.

These exported blocks can then be re-imported using a specific “Import” block, also provided by the plugin.

As it turns out Gutenberg already offers an system to export, import and manage re-usable blocks (from two different locations, in fact, as seen below) but this alternative way offered by Editors Kit makes it easier to discover and use.

Code view: Syntax & Line count

Another easy win: The plugin adds syntax highlight and line count on the code view:

Editor’s Kit Global Settings:

Each of the settings mentioned above can be enabled or disabled separately under te “More Tools & Options” menu, which is great.

The plugin even has its own “help” button:

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