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Block Unit Test for Gutenberg

UPDATE: This plugin has been closed as of February 7, 2022 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent.

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Grids: Layout builder for WordPress

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Advanced Gutenberg

This one’s a bit confusing, as there is already another plugin called Advanced Gutenberg Blocks.

This plugin offers a balanced list of blocks, including some not too common, such as the “Advanced list” and the “Summary” blocks.

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Secure Blocks for Gutenberg By Matt Watson

Update: The plugin was removed from the repo 🙁

This plugin has been closed as of January 15, 2020 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent.

The only current way to achieve rol based visibility would be using Editors Kit‘s Role based visibility and Conditional Tags features.

A very simple plugin to limit visibility of your content based on user roles, while offering an alternative area to add the content that will be shown to non logged-in users.

This block could be used to create a simple membership site, for instance.

We could also insert a reusable block in the “public” area with a call to action asking visitors to register, in order to gain access to that content.

This is what the plugin looks like in the backend:

The plugin has a setting to specify the exact user role that will have access to a given instance of the block:

The author of the plugin mentions some features coming down the road:

  • Login Block
  • Register Block
  • Password Reset Block
  • Restrict entire pages / posts, not just inline content

The plugin looks a little bit abandoned at the moment (no updates for the last 9 months) but I was able to confirm it works fine both with the WP core version of the editor (5.2) and with the beta/plugin version (6.6.0)

This is what the plugin looks like in action:

This is the public content

You will only see this, of course 🙂

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Fabrica Reusable Block Instances

Utility Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks Templates (design library)

This is one of my favorite Gutenberg plugins (meta-plugins?) and a perfect example two of its main paradigms: Building on each other’s work (standards) and Avoiding lock in effect (content integrity).

What his plugin offers is pret-a-porter set of layouts, using the Gutenberg’s default blocks. This makes it A LOT easier to build layouts, get to know new blocks and even to get inspiration on what to build.

One of the beauties of this plugin is that it only works as a “wizard” to create your page. Once your layout is ready you can delete it, as it does not add any functionality and is only using the default blocks.

I am thinking that, if built correctly, a plugin like this could allow other plugins to “add” their blocks to it, creating new layouts with the newly installed sets of blocks.

This way it would be exponentially simpler to become familiar with new sets of blocks and create layouts using them in the way their author conceived them.