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Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – Kioken Blocks

Update This plugin has been closed as of March 15, 2022 and is not available for download.

A block suite that includes claims certainly includes custom queries for post lists and which does extend Gutenberg in two interesting ways: custom inline color and fonts.

If you need to display Custom Post Types I also would recommend you take a look at Archive Mapping and Post Selector in general or Product Blocks in the case of WooCommerce products.

This is a suite of blocks, like many others, but I am particularly interested in the “Kinetic Posts” Block.

This block allows you to create a post list with the following settings:

Unfortunately the plugin currently only offers choosing between posts & pages, there is not option to select other Post Types.

The plugin DOES offer the possibility of selecting any other registered post (as long as they are `’show_in_rest’ => true`), but at the moment excludes WooCommerce products specifically, as they want to build something more appropriate for them.

You can see JetPack’s Testimonials CPT shown here inside the “Kinetic Posts” block:

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See it in action

One of the beauties of Gutenberg is that it create…

There are several post design option including a post carrousel option, which is not too common:

And this is what the post carousel looks like in action. It does not seem to offer a full-width block option.

The full list of blocks (author’s own description)

  • Container Row Block: With the Container Row’s vast number of options, the layout possibilites are almost endless.Create grid layouts, add borders, border radiuses, click events to columns or the container itself(or both), or add parallax effects both to the container and the columns.
  • Kinetic Wrapper Block: The swiss knife block of Kioken Blocks. It is a single column container block with multifunctional features to enrich your content. Place any content in it, and add beautiful animations, custom borders, border radiuses, paddings, shadows and backgrounds.
  • Icon Block: 1500+ beautiful SVG icons available with custom line strengths for line icons, and custom icon and background color options.
  • Kinetic Posts Block: Show any post types with custom taxonomies, in 3 unique awesome layout views: Slider, Grid and Columns.
  • Tabs Block: Create tabbed content placing any block inside each tab. Custom options include tab buttons and content hover and normal state colors, borders, backgrounds and more.
  • Features Block: Create icon boxes in your content with multiple column view, or use imagery and any other content to display your product or business features. Animated shadows and backgrounds available.
  • Fancy Buttons Block: Create single or multiple buttons, with custom gradient, border, shadow, border radius and custom typography options.
  • Testimonials Carousel Block: Create single or multiple beautifully designed testimonials in a carousel/slider.
  • Split Headings Block: Create animated headings with reveal or curtain effect.
  • Divider Plus Block: Choose from 8 advanced styles for your spacer/divider. Styles include vertical line, full width, custom, with icon or text and animated options.
  • Google Maps Block: Place Google Maps with 6 predefined custom map designs.
  • Visual List Block: Place Google Maps with 6 predefined custom map designs.
  • Image Box Block: Create advanced images with custom text and typography, with stunning animation effects to create call to actions or just to show off a feature!
  • Numbers Counter Block: Create animated counting numbers with custom font sizes, suffix and content.
  • Open Table Form Block: If you have a restaurant or venue, you can get reservations and booking with our Open Table block. It has 3 beautiful form styles to choose from.

Inline text editing

Kioken offers several font styling option for the text in a given block, but this cannot be applied inline, only to the block as a whole.

The latest version of the plugin offers inline highlighing

As well as two basic but interesting new sttings: “Half opacity” and “Spaced letters“.

New side panels

Kioken also adds several new sidebars whose style settings can be applied to all blocks, not just Kioken’s own block set.

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Thank you for your comment, Onur, and congrats on a great block suite! I have WooCommerce installed on this site, are WooCommerce products “Gutenberg Ready” (‘show_in_rest’ => true)?. If not, I am curious as to how this other plugin does manage to show Woo products in its settings. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ah, got it. We intentionally disabled WooCommerce products from post type listing for now(it’s the only post type we disable listing in the block).

The reason is we want to provide a more accurate and stylish design if Kinetic Posts is set to display WC products and the work on that is not fully ready 🙂

Thank you!

Makes sense, thank you for taking the time to clarify this. I have tested this with Jetpacks’s Testimonial CPT and it works like a charm. I updated the post accordingly to reflect this. Looking forward to seeing a WooCommerce-ready version of your block!

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