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Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Scrap my previous post on how to get a decent WooCommerce Product carousel, this block works a lot better!

This plugins keeps its settings to their very basic, but offers a nice set of blocks to display WooCommerce Products.

Update: This block has been removed from the repo, not sure why, you can still grab the cached version here, but since I am not sure about the reason for this takedown I would not advice using this plugin for anything other than testing purposes.

New update. I just realized the plugin is available on the repository again. I am not sure what happened, but I am delighted to see it again. I have not noticed any significant changes from the previous version.

Slider, Carousel and Categories Grid are wonderful. The other 3, I could not really make work. I may need to test them in some other environment.

Carousel Block:

The settings for this block could not be simpler.

This is what the carousel block looks like in action:

Product Slider

Again, I really love the interface for this plugin. The Slider plugin’s settings looks like this:

And this is what the block looks like in action:

Scattered Product List

A simple list with nearly no options (only source, order and number of products) but a nice asymmetric layout

Product Category Grid

Another winner! And this also the first time I see a block that displays terms fora given taxonomy. Once again, the settings are very straightforward:

And this is what this lovely block looks like:

Posters 5

Music 7

Clothing 12

Clothing 12

Music 7

Posters 5

Filtering criteria UI

One of the things I like the most about this plugin’s UI is that it combines the possibility to filter the products to be displayed using various criteria: All products, specific (multiple) categories, hand picked products or Woo specific status (on sale, etc) and even attribute based ones!:

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