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This is the set of blocks this plugin currently offers:

The “Featured product” block is a interesting one, woking as an aid to insert a given product’s info into what seems to be a “Cover” block. I like that it is flexible (you can update the info, link and image after updating it) but the downside to it is that updaing the info in the original product will not have any effect in this block (not necessarily a bad thing, just thinking out loud here):

The “Hand picked products” block will allow you to select specific products to display:

It was a few basic settings like setting the order and selecting which info to display:

The “Newest“, “Best selling“, “Top rated” and “On Sale” blocks look the same and has similar category filtering options, although they miss the “order by” functionality from the “Hand picked products” block :

I understand this is good towards discoverability, but I also believe this block suite could in fact merge their blocks into just three, and simply add a filter on the third group, just like Product Blocks for WooCommerce does:

WooCommerce Blocks Update (August 2019)

We have a bunch of new blocks that have been released for this plugin along with the new 3.7 release of WooCommerce. The most interesting ones to me are those touching on categories:

  • Featured Category
  • Product Category List

This is what the new blocks look like in action:

Featured Category

You can change the image and its positioning and customize the text and color on the “Shop Now” button, as well as the opacity of the overlay. Here are the block’s settings:

Product Categories List

This block generates a list of all existing products (with or without products assigned to them, this is optional as you can see in the settings below):

And here is the dropdown version of the block:

Pretty basic settings for the this new block as well. Showing images, the way this other plugin used to do, would have been nice.

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