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WooCommerce Blocks 2.5.4

User reviews, product filtering by price or attribute and several other more blocks on the latest version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.

I did a review of this plugin early in the year but I have decided to write a separate post for this new update of the plugin, as it nows adds more than twice the number of blocks, including product review blocks and, price/attribute filters.

Here is the full list of NEW blocks available

All Products

This block offers some basic settings to display a grid of products:

  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Pagination (cannot be removed by limiting the number of products to be displayed)
  • Align Buttons
  • Show Shorting
  • Order Products by

I would have liked to see here a “Slideshow” option similar to what other post listing blocks already offer.

This is what the block looks like in action:

The block keeps breaking every time I reload the editor:

It would be very nice if the articles on this block used more semantic HTML (i.e. `articles`) and if the relevant CSS classes were added (categories, tags, status, author, etc).

Products by tag

It turns out I did not have any product tags on this site and this is what I got:

This is not a great start. We would easily improve this experience a lot simply by adding direct links to both the Product list and the Tags list.

Once I created a new product tag and gave it to my products (and reloaded the editor, which is not necessarily obvious), I got this:

It seems to be possible to select multiple tags, but in this case I only had a single product tag to choose from. Here are the settings for the block:

I like the fact that we can choose which content to display, I would like to see this feature added to the “All Products” block.

Also, there seems to be no pagination, which seems inconsistent with how the “All Products” block works.

The “Order by” option seems to be the only one being used consistently across different listings blocks.

Here is the block in action.

This block ALSO seems to break every time I reload the editor, but in a different way:

Block rendered as empty.undefined

All Reviews

A list of all product reviews, with the following settings:

This provides more control than the “All Products” equivalent, specially content visibility options.:

  • Reviewer Name
  • Product name
  • Rating
  • Review Date
  • Review Content
  • Image

I also like the fact the user can choose to display either the reviewers gravatar or the product image.

This plugin does not feature pagination, but instead it includes the possibility of adding a “Load More” option.

Unlike the two previous blocks, “Order by” is not separated from the rest of the settings, but lumped together with the “number of reviews to display” and the “Load More” options instead.

I do not have a strong opinion on this, but I find the experience across blocks inconsistent (pagination VS load more VS nothing).

Here is this block in action.

Reviews by Product

This block is very similar to the “All Reviews” one, but with one extra option to choose an individual product:

Nothing to add here. Below is the block in action:

Reviews by Category

Exactly like the previous block, but selecting categories instead of individual products.

A Simple search box for products. Nice addition and very straight forward to customize too.

Filter by Price

Filter by Attribute

This block will let you choose an existing attribute and create a filter with it.

Once we select the attribute we will see these settings which are very similar to the ones for the Product Filter Block:

Here is what the block looks like in action:

Active Product filters

This option will let you clear any active filters created by the two previous blocks.

This block will be invisible unless there are some filters being applied, which can be a little confusing:

“Chips” Style:

“Checklist” Style:

Testing the Filter Blocks with the All Products Blocks

Let’s to combine the Filter Blocks and the All Products blocks using the Layout Grid Block instead:

It works!! Nice 😀

The two column layout did not seem to work (blocks were stacked into a single column), but this could be Twenty Nineteen, or the columns block, not necessarily the new WooCommerce Blocks.

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