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A rather popular gallery plugin by GoDaddy that offers 3 types of blocks: Carousel, Masonry and Stacked:


This block has a basic set of options. I particularly like the fact that you can select your block’s height, which is something that, surprisingly, very few slider/carousel blocks offer.

The block supports full width, allows you to add a background image and also has the possibility of inserting CSS filters into the image. This is a common feature to all three block variations in this plugin:

I also love the fact that the carousel is fully functional in the editor, and looks close to the final result.

Here is the carousel in action:


Once again the settings are not overwhelming and are in fact very intuitive even for beginners:

Here is the masonry gallery in action:

  • Beach
  • Liberty
  • Station
  • Phone
  • Tea
  • Grass

Edit: The Masonry blocks seems to be broken -or at least a bit unstable- at the moment. Either that or is conflicting with another plugin, becuase this is what it should look like:

But this is what I am actually getting in the frontend:

“Collapsed” Masonry?!


And last, but not least, the “stacked” block, with a “grayscale” filter:

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