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One of the beauties of Gutenberg is that it creates an ecosystem in which all new blocks and UI elements are fully compatible and interchangeable.

This means that the work of different developers is now recyclable and stackable.

I created this site to test and try and keep some track of new blocks and other Gutenberg related plugins, thank you for visiting!


"External API" accordion animation block-management blockquote carousel category columns contact-form container CPT developer-tools fav flickr freemium gallery gist Hero image-filters instagram-feed layout lightbox lists map masonry more newsletter pages pop-up post-grid post-list post-slider pricing-table RGDP shortcode slider summary-table of contents tab tabs testimonials twitter-feed widget widgetized-area woocommerce woocommerce-categories

Published by Alvaro Gómez Velasco

Alvaro is widely known for his skills at copy-pasting code, activity at which he has excelled since 1997. After ten years freelancing as a WordPress consultant and teacher Alvaro currently works as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. It is said that in another life he was a professional photographer. Bilbaíno and father of Julia & Clara.

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