Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

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It currently has 70k+ installs and has an impressive amount of out of the box blocks. The post grid/masonry is particularly well built and detailed.

It has a nice settings page where you can enable/disable their blocks

Samples of blocks

Post Grid Block

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Gutenberg Blocks Templates (design library)

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This is one of my favorite Gutenberg plugins (meta-plugins?) and a perfect example two of its main paradigms: Building on each other’s work (standards) and Avoiding lock in effect (content integrity).

What his plugin offers is pret-a-porter set of layouts, using the Gutenberg’s default blocks. This makes it A LOT easier to build layouts, get to know new blocks and even to get inspiration on what to build.

One of the beauties of this plugin is that it only works as a “wizard” to create your page. Once your layout is ready you can delete it, as it does not add any functionality and is only using the default blocks.

I am thinking that, if built correctly, a plugin like this could allow other plugins to “add” their blocks to it, creating new layouts with the newly installed sets of blocks.

This way it would be exponentially simpler to become familiar with new sets of blocks and create layouts using them in the way their author conceived them.

Simple Shortcode Block

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This simple plugin will allow you to preview the content of your shortcode in the backend

What does it look like in the backend?

This is what it looks like in the backend

What happens if you remove the plugin?

The block will disappear from the frontend and you will get this message in the backend. It would be nice if it could fallback to the default “Shortcode” block.

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One of the beauties of Gutenberg is that it creates an ecosystem in which all new blocks and UI elements are fully compatible and interchangeable.

This means that the work of different developers is now recyclable and stackable.

I created this site to test and try and keep some track of new blocks and other Gutenberg related plugins, thank you for visiting!


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