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Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Scrap my previous post on how to get a decent WooCommerce Product carousel, this block works a lot better!

This plugins keeps its settings to their very basic, but offers a nice set of blocks to display WooCommerce Products.

Update: This block has been removed from the repo, not sure why, you can still grab the cached version here, but since I am not sure about the reason for this takedown I would not advice using this plugin for anything other than testing purposes.

New update. I just realized the plugin is available on the repository again. I am not sure what happened, but I am delighted to see it again. I have not noticed any significant changes from the previous version.

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Gosign – Logo Slider Block

This is very a lightweight and straightforward plugin to display an image carousel, typically used for client logos. I have other block reviews specifically for Post Sliders (post loops), and for large single image containers (“Hero” sliders).

I can think of quite a few other applications, such as adding links to single posts/products, since it allows for custom links.

Custom links on images: They are always nice to have, and also always hard to build an elegant interface for.

The plugins includes basic settings to control the layout of the block (number of items per slide) as well as it’s appearance (dots, arrows) and autplay/delay and if it should loop back to the beginning (“infinite”).

The block can be seen in action here:

One thing I do miss on this block is the possibility of setting to “wide” and “full width” modes.

I reallly like Gosign’s simple approach to block building and the fact that they create individual blocks that can be used as standalone plugins. This helps keeping the Block inserter clean and the JavaScript at minimum. Here are some of their blocks I plan to review next:

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This is an interesting and more advanced alternative to the Carousel Slider Block I already reviewed here. If you want a simpler and more generic Carousel container I would go with the plugin I mentioned before. For more image-oriented carousels this block offers some interesting new features.


Wholesome Publishing: per block visibility and comments

Here is a great example of Gutenberg’s granular control over the content. Wholesome Publishing expands on Gutenberg’s core functionality, similarly to what Editor’s Kit does, by providing visibility control over each individual block by letting us set individual blocks as drafts, and introducing block based comment threads.

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Accordion Blocks: a comparison

Accordions are a simple way to compress a lot of content in a small space, not to dissimilar to tabs, which I already wrote a post on a while back.

Within the block sets I have reviewed there are several “Accordion” blocks, I will be comparing a few of them here today:

Single Blocks

Photonic Gallery & Lightbox for Flickr, SmugMug, Google Photos, Zenfolio and Instagram

Post Loops Single Blocks

Guten Post Layout – Gutenberg Post Layout Collection

I am still looking for the best block to show a grid/list/slider/carousel of posts, including Custom Post Types. I am going to take a shot at this one today:


One of the beauties of Gutenberg is that it creates an ecosystem in which all new blocks and UI elements are fully compatible and interchangeable.

This means that the work of different developers is now recyclable and stackable.

I created this site to test and keep track of new blocks and other Gutenberg related plugins.

Thank you for visiting!


accordion acf animation backgrounds borders category comments container CPT custom-css custom-js fav flickr freemium gallery gradients Hero icons image-filters image-slider inline-styles instagram-feed margins markdown masonry Post Grids Post Lists Post Sliders private-content removed responsive-settings retired rounded-corners shadows shortcode slider-carousel-container summary-table of contents syntax-highlight tab tabs templates typography visibility woocommerce woocommerce-categories

Extensions Reviews

Editors Kit

This plugin extends and tweaks Gutenberg’s functionalities, bringing it to a new level while staying true to its original spirit.

I came across this plugins while writing my Inline Text Editing Comparison post and it instantly became one of my favorite plugins.

Below is the full list of features provided by the plugin’s author. More on their website, here:

  • Links with “rel” nofollow and sponsored attribute option
  • Highlighted Text or Heading Colors
  • Highlighted Text Background Color
  • Clear Formatting Options
  • Paragraph Justify Alignment
  • Underline Text Format
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Uppercase Text Transform
  • Images and Embeds Caption Alignment
  • Nonbreaking Space
  • Support for Markdown
  • Text alignment for captions (images & embeds)
  • Adding “no-rel” to links
  • Mobile based and user log-in based block visibility
  • ACF integration.
Post Loops Reviews

Gutenberg Post Blocks

One of the holy grails of blocks, as far as I am concern, is post loops. To me, this is the essence of dynamic blocks and over time I have used several tags to keep track of the blocks I review that include this feature in some capacity, most notably:

Out of the three above I believe that it is paramount that any new “post loop” blocks include support for all registered CPTs and Custom Taxonomies on a given WordPress site.